Beneifts of Working with a Real Estate Investor vs Real Estate Agent


Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Investor vs a Real Estate Agent

First of all, I once was a real estate agent, and I hated it.  I hated the commission chasing, inauthentic way of trying to impress home sellers and buyers, open houses were a ridiculous waste of time, and I especially hated being a “home tour guide” for buyers who never ended up buying anything.  In the end, I never really felt I was “helping” anyone but being a work horse providing a mundane service.  So, in all fairness, I’m not bashing agents because there is a huge market for them and many clients looking for that type of service.

Investors, however, provide an entirely different set of solutions to unique issues due to the fact they have access to CASH and act as a principle buyer (not a representative)  And there are many clients (mostly sellers) who are looking for and in need of creative solutions only available from an investor.  Below are a list of issues a seller may be dealing with, followed by a list of solutions an investor can provide, most of which an agent cannot help with.

Possible Issues

  • Title issues
  • state tax liens
  • federal tax liens
  • property tax liens (time sensitive)
  • mechanics liens (possible time sensitive)
  • child support liens
  • City/county code violations
  • Judgements/lawsuits
  • Inevitable foreclosure (no longer able to make mortgage payments)
  • Major/minor repairs needed
  • Fire/water/natural hazard damage
  • Need to sell quickly
  • Need to move out of area/state/country quickly
  • Foundation/mold/termite damage

Possible Solutions

  • House sold quickly (usually 10-14 days) faster if needed
  • Cash for equity
  • Lien(s) removed or discounted
  • Judgement(s) removed or discounted
  • Possible foreclosure avoidance
  • Mortgage payments made/credit saved or improved
  • Investor to assume responsibility or pay for code violations (upon purchasing of property)
  • Investor to assume responsibility of major/minor repairs (upon purchasing of property)
  • Investor to assume responsibility of repairing fire/water/natural damage (upon purchasing of property)
  • Investor to assume responsibility of foundation/mold/termite damage (upon purcahsing of property)
  • Assistance with tenant eviction
  • Relocation assistance
  • Just to name a few

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